1.  Assist in overall classroom procedures as directed by the teacher.


2.  Prepare stencils, transparencies, and other instructional materials.


3.  Operate record players, tape recorders, projectors, duplicating machines, computers, and other instructional equipment.


4.  Type and file correspondence and reports.


5.  Supervise the library, playground, and lunch activities of pupils as directed.


6.  Plan with the teacher bulletin boards, displays, and the use of films, filmstrips, and tapes.


7.  Assist with attendance records, lunchroom reports, cumulative records, and announcements.


8.  Assist with small group instruction, make-up work, tutoring details, reading computation, and storytelling activities.


9.  Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the supervising teacher, Principal, Superintendent, and the Board of Education.