Grayson School DistrictSpecial Education Teacher (LBD) at Grayson County Middle School

Grayson School District

Special Education Teacher (LBD) at Grayson County Middle School (1762)

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TitleSpecial Education Teacher (LBD) at Grayson County Middle School
Posting ID1762




             Responsible to Principal and under the overall supervision of the Superintendent of Schools.


Job Summary:

             Directs and evaluates the learning experience of pupils in all activities sponsored by the school to parents and other patrons.  Executes the Board and Administrative Policies within the classroom.




 1.  Prepares, presents, and evaluates material for learning following the general guide of Curriculum.


 2.  Provides guidance to pupils which will promote their welfare and educational development.


 3.  Maintains accurate pupil accounting records, and other records as mandated by State Law or Board Policy.


 4.  Administers the classroom and its program of organization and management.


 5.  Provides for the care and protection of school and student property.


 6.  Participates in the planning and evaluation of school program.  a)  Participates on committees to work on the improvement of overall school plan.


 7.  Takes part in in-service education program of school.


 8.  Keeps abreast of new trends and research studies in field of teaching.


 9.  Participates in business and professional activities of faculty.


10.  Follows rules and regulations of management of classroom.


11.  Responsible for maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment.


12.  The classroom teacher accepts the responsibilities for the educational progress of all children regardless of socio-economic status or other background factors.


13.  Performs such other duties as assigned by Principal, Superintendent or the Board of Education.



Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangePer Year
LocationGrayson County Middle School

Applications Accepted

Start Date12/05/2018

Job Contact

NameGary ParkerTitlePrincipal