Grayson School DistrictSubstitute Teacher for the 2018-2019 School Yr.

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Substitute Teacher for the 2018-2019 School Yr. (1659)

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TitleSubstitute Teacher for the 2018-2019 School Yr.
Posting ID1659

Substitute teacher applicants who do not currently hold a Kentucky teaching certificate must complete the online CA-4 process with the Education Professional Standards Board to establish eligibility prior to employment.  PLEASE NOTE:  This process cannot be completed until you have made application with the Board of Education, received notification of hire, submitted all required paperwork, had a background check done at the Board of Education, and completed the online training.  Once all of these requirements have been completed, your name will be submitted to the Education Professional Standards Board and you will receive an email from them asking you to complete your CA-4 application. 


APPLICANT INSTRUCTIONS for the Online Emergency Substitute Teaching Application through the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB):


You MUST have an active e-mail address to apply for this position.

  • You WILL be required to present an official transcript (or have one on file with the district) showing at least 64 acceptable university semester credit hours with a minimum of a 2.5 GPA to apply for this position.
  • This is a two-phase process - you must apply with your district AND you must apply with EPSB for your one-year Emergency Substitute Certificate.


  1. Go to and create an accounty by clicking on the "Log in to EPSB" button on the lower left of the screen.
  2. If necessary, create your new account on the right side of the log-in page by clicking on the "New User? Create Account Here" button.
  3. Make note of your User ID and Password information for future reference in working on your Emergency Substitute Application.
  4. Visit the district Human Resources office to receive instructions on the local district's on-line application procedures.
  5. Complete all steps as required by the district, including the presentation of the transcript.
  6. WHEN NOTIFIED BY E-MAIL FROM EPSB that you are eligible for hire in this position, return to and log in with your User ID and Password.
  7. Once logged in, click on "My Application Status-View Details" on the lower left of the screen.
  8. You will then see information on your application (TC-4) and you should click on the live link to complete the process on your pending application.

            a.  If your completion process is successful, you will receive a live link to PRINT your  

                 Emergency Substitute Certificate.

            b.  Providing untruthful information on the TC-4 will result in legal action by EPSB.

            c.  If there is a legal issue with your application, you cannot work as a teacher until you receive

                 E-MAIL clearance from the EPSB Legal Division.


       9.  A FULL TUTORIAL on the CA-4 On-LIne Process may be viewed at : 


     10.  Print two copies of the certificate, and provide one to the district so you can be added to its

            substitute teacher list.





At home:

  • If at home, take the call personally.  If out, call back as soon as possible.
  • Organize your wardrobe for substituting, remembering the importance of professional dress.
  • Develop a Substitute Teacher Pack with teaching materials, supplies, and activities that are age appropriate.

Before you enter the classroom:

  • Arrive early.
  • Report to the school office and find out about how to report absences, tardies, determine if any students have medical or other special needs, review school maps, pick up keys, and any other pertinent information.
  • Meet other teachers, especially those in the rooms around yours, and obtain advice or information from them.

Before students arrive:

  • Write your name on the board.
  • Review the classroom behavior standards.  Locate and read through the lesson plans and seating charts left by the classroom teacher.
  • Locate the books, papers, and materials you will need throughout the day.
  • Have students' work prepared for students to begin immediately when they enter the room.
  • Stand at the door and be prepared to greet students when they enter.

During the day:

  • Have the students call you by your proper name (Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms.).
  • Introduce yourself briefly.
  • Use a positive approach and be flexible, as schedules may change.
  • Ask questions of other teachers and of responsible students.  Do not hesitate to ask for help.
  • Constantly move about the classroom to assist students at their desk on an as-needed basis.
  • Improvise using the material in your Substitute Teacher Pack to fill extra time or enhance activities.
  • Be positive and respectful in your interaction with students and school personnel.
  • Don't feel threatened when administrators visit your classroom.
  • Attach all referral slips (to the office, nurse, etc.) to your note to the teacher.
  • Do more than required.  Grade work when possible.  Teachers appreciate it when simple grading is completed.  If the key was left behind, that may be your clue.  Grade any objective or simple type assignments in the free time you have.  Leave complicated short answers, essays or open responses for the classroom teacher to grade.

At the end of class or the end of the day:

  • Review the major learning concepts studied during that class/day.
  • Remind students of homework assignments.
  • Have students pick up papers and help straighten the room.
  • Leave detailed notes for the classroom teacher on the work accomplished and any significant events, including discipline issues and positive comments, or occurrences during the day.
  • Organize and label the students' work.
  • If you were unable to complete the lesson, leave a note for the teacher indicating how much you were able to cover.
  • Make sure that all classroom materials are accounted for.
  • When you are ready to leave for the day, be sure the room is left in better order than you found it.  Close the windows and lock the door, if applicable.
  • Turn any keys in to the office and check to see if you are needed the next day.
  • Be sure to thank those in the office for the opportunity to substitute in the school.





Shift TypePart-Time
Salary Range$85.00 - $110.00 / Substitute
LocationDistrict Wide

Applications Accepted

Start Date06/11/2018

Job Contact

NameTodd JohnstonTitleAssistant Superintendent